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Types of glass doors

Frameless Glass Entrance Doors

Frameless glass entrance door

Do you want the entrance to your home or building to leave and impression?

Frameless glass entrance doors create an elegant, visual impact- whilst maintaining light flow between the outside and indoor areas.

All our our frameless glass entrance doors have the capabilities of full locking systems, whether that be via key or pad system.













Frameless Glass Sliding Doors

Frameless glass sliding door

Very popular with offices, homes and kitchens, our sliding glass doors are the perfect solutions to seamlessly link your rooms or outdoor/indoor areas.

We have a variety of glass finished and handles with all of our designs.
















Glass Door Handles

Frameless glass door handle

At Frameless Impressions, We have access to thousands of glass door handles and accessories.

If there is a custom design you are after, or you need advice on glass door handles, we can help you find the perfect fit for your home.















Frequently Asked Questions

What type of glass do you use for entrance doors?
All our our door are build to withstand impact and protect your entrance. In our above example, we used 12mm of toughened safety glass, with a magnetic top catch and floor spring for automatic closing.
What types of doors are available?
The available designs are: Entrance Doors and Sliding Doors.