Pool Walls and Windows in Melbourne

One of our most premium glass products, pool walls and windows are a must have for anyone wanting to modernise and make a statement with their pool. At Frameless Impressions, we specialise in the installation of pool walls and work in collaboration with pool engineers to bring your vision to life.

What Are Glass Pool Walls?

Glass pool walls are a toughened, frameless sheet of glass that is set into the concrete of the pool structure. Each sheet’s thickness starts at 12mm, is hard wearing and custom cut according to the engineers specific requirements. Pool walls can also be installed to replace any section of the existing structure, creating a greater sense of space and visual interest.

Create The Feeling of More Space

Glass pool walls make for a great addition to smaller backyards, creating the impression of more space, as well being a stunning focal point. They are also perfect for families giving you full visibility from both the top and bottom of the pool structure, making sure you can keep an eye on young ones unobstructed.

What Is The Installation Process For Pool Walls & Windows?

Installing a pool wall in your backyard is a multi step process, and requires the initial consultation of an engineer who has to specify the thickness of your glass and preparation before you get any further with costs and installation. From there, you can have the wall or window installed effortlessly from our specialist team of glaziers.

Our Pool Walls and Windows

Easy to Maintain & Clean

In order to keep your pool wall and windows looking at its best, regular maintenance and cleaning is recommended. To clean, simply use a soft brush and a mild detergent. It is important that you avoid using acidic and alcohol based cleaning products as this will potentially damage the coating on the glass.

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Our specialist team understands that any renovation is stressful, and requires a significant investment both financially and emotionally. That’s why we are committed to working with you, providing full visibility of the process and costs from the start of your project to its completion.

For more information about our frameless glass pool walls and windows, please contact our team today for a no obligation quote, or call us on 1300 769 993.

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Frequently asked questions

What type of materials are used for pool windows?
At Frameless Impressions we have both clear and acrylic glass available.
Acrylic glass is lighter and stronger when compared to standard glass and is also completely transparent. Acrylic glass is also insulated, and can help keep your pool warmer – perfect for colder months. Clear glass is also slightly cheaper, and is made with toughened glass making it extremely durable.