Frameless Glass Privacy Screens in Melbourne

When creating your home, both privacy and security are key elements. Frameless Impressions privacy screens are designed to provide both an aesthetic appeal and safety. If you live in a built-up or urban area, our glass screens can help make your outdoor space a private place for relaxation and entertainment, whilst complimenting the exterior of your residential property.

Privacy from your Balcony

With the increasing popularity of apartment complexes and medium density housing, issues of both prying neighbours and privacy are becoming more frequent. Due to overlooking compliances, if your balcony is overlooking a neighbours backyard or living area, you are required by law to install a privacy screen. These opaque screens are a visually appealing way to comply with the 1700mm high privacy regulations in Melbourne and to act as dividers between apartment balconies.

Our Glass Privacy Screens

Balcony privacy screens will look great while providing security protection from the elements. They are ideal for balconies, verandahs, pool fences and are a perfect solution for windswept outdoor spaces. We understand that sometimes you want to relax outdoors, enjoy your balcony in peace, or have people over without the interruption of others.

Since Frameless Impressions privacy screens have a frosted glass solution, once installed, they have the ability to block visuals without preventing light to come into the residence unlike timber and aluminium screens. Not only do glass privacy screens allow for light transparency whilst complimenting your living and outdoor area, they are also easy to clean and very resistant to weathering. A wash down with warm soapy water a few times a year should keep your screen looking great.

Frameless Impressions privacy screens are built to last and offer a high level of functionality requiring minimum maintenance. With our privacy screens your home will have that look of elegance, whilst enhancing security and the value of your home.

For enquiries and a no obligation quote on our glass privacy screens, contact us on 1300 769 993, and one of our professionals will be available to help.

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Why would I need a privacy screen?
Apart from general privacy purposes, you are required by law to install a privacy screen if your balcony either: Looks over a neighbours backyard, or looks into a neighbours living area.