Frameless Glass Splashbacks in Melbourne

Rising in popularity due to its versatility and suitability for almost any kitchen space, frameless glass splashbacks are a great choice when looking to modernise your kitchen area. Create a timeless, modern and luxurious look with customisable glass that can be fitted with your chosen colour, print or pattern, making sure your vision for your kitchen renovation is achieved with ease.

Add the feeling of space to any kitchen

Frameless glass splashbacks are great for smaller kitchen spaces, as they can reflect light and create a more spacious feeling regardless of your kitchen size. This makes them perfect for inner city kitchen renovations, especially where there is not a lot of natural light. This level of reflection and openness achieved with glass is more difficult to replicate with tiled or metal splashbacks due to their materials used.

Extensive range of colours and styles available

Our glass splashbacks can be customised to suit your design vision for your kitchen renovation. This makes it one of the few splashback materials that can be customised at your design request, and can also be further enhanced with LED lighting for example, for an even greater spacious effect.

Easy to clean and maintain

Compared to tiled and metal splashbacks, frameless glass is easy to clean and maintain. As frameless glass uses one glass sheet, there are no grout lines or ridges where food and grime can get stuck. In order to keep glass splashbacks clean and look at its showroom best, we recommend using soap and water after every meal prepared in the kitchen.

Heat resistant and extremely durable

Made with toughened glass, our frameless glass splashbacks are not only highly durable and capable of withstanding heavy knocks and bumps, but they are also heat resistant. When cooking next to glass splashbacks, the heat from stove tops will not affect the product in any way. This makes for an extremely safe solution that is designed to last.

Contact our experienced team for more information

Our team prides itself on providing the best possible customer service and glass products on the market today. We understand that any renovation is stressful and is a significant financial investment. That’s why we are committed to providing you with the best advice and installations possible.

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Yes, glass splashbacks are extremely safe, durable and resistant to scratches and bumps. This makes them a great solution compared to stainless steel and tiled splashbacks that are not made with highly resistant materials.
The initial cost of installing a glass splashback will likely outweigh the costs of a tiled splashback. However, due to their hardwearing materials, and easy maintenance, glass splashbacks are more cost effective compared to tiled splashbacks in the long run.
Yes, our glass splashbacks are easy to install from our experienced team, with the full installation process taking between 1-2 hours.