How Safe Are Frameless Glass Shower Screens?

Before installing a frameless glass shower screen, you’ll need to take the time to consider the safety precautions. Like with everything, there are risks that come with frameless shower screens, but these can be minimised by quality manufacturing, high-quality materials and installation from a reputable supplier.

Frameless shower screen in tiled bathroom

What are Frameless Shower Screens?

First of all, what is a frameless glass shower screen? Frameless shower screens are glass shower screens made from toughened and tempered glass. This gives them more stability compared to regular shower screens and also means that there’s no need for the metal fixtures that secure a regular shower screen. With clean lines and luxurious design, frameless shower screens have the ability to modernise a bathroom, giving your bathroom that new feel every time you walk in.

There are many different types of frameless shower screens, such as fixed panel, inline hinged, corner slider and more. Visit our frameless glass shower screen page for more details

Frameless Glass Shower Screen Installation

To ensure that a frameless shower screen is sturdy and safe for use, there is a process to install them correctly. Whilst frameless shower screens are made from specialised glass, designed to be tough and withstand daily use, they are still fragile – especially during the installation process.

We recommended that you entrust a professional with the installation of your frameless shower screen to ensure that it will maintain that beautiful seamless finish for years to come. Be sure to connect with a reputable shower screen installation company, and speak about your project specifications.

At Frameless Impressions, we provide a premium installation service across Melbourne to ensure that your shower screen lasts a lifetime. With decades experience installing frameless shower screens, you can contact us to have your screen professionally installed.

Along with the time of installation, you should also account for manufacturing timelines for your project. From the day that they are ordered, installation of your frameless shower screen can take up to 14 working days.

Risks to Consider with Frameless Shower Screens

When looking into a frameless shower screen for your bathroom it’s crucial to consider the quality of the glass, the reputation of the installer, and of course how it fits within your space. Whilst a frameless shower screen may look unstable, with the right fixtures and glass durability – your screen can last a lifetime.

Whilst unlikely, there can be dangers for frameless shower screens if they’re not manufactured correctly, or there are faults in the glass. So while it can be tempting to cut corners and save a buck with a cheaper supplier, contamination or errors in the toughening process that go unchecked can result in weaker glass that is more prone to breaking, leaving you and your family at risk.

However, these instances are rare if your glass has been manufactured by a reputable company. At Frameless Impressions, we ensure all the glass in our installations is high-quality toughened glass that is up to all relevant Australian safety guidelines. Likewise, glass produced by reliable manufacturers is designed to shatter when compromised, meaning that the glass will not break into dangerous shards if impacted.

How We Ensure The Safety of Our Shower Screens

The installation and maintenance of your frameless glass shower screen is of the utmost importance when ensuring that your screen is safe for daily use. With Frameless Impressions, we make sure that your shower screen is secure and durable.

To reduce the risk of manufacturing faults or potential breaks, we only work with the best manufacturers of high-quality durable glass. The Frameless Impressions team quality checks your glass to ensure that it not only meets the aesthetic requirements, but will last you years to come.

Ensuring your safety when it comes to frameless shower screens goes beyond the glass itself. Our highly skilled and specialised team will install your shower screen with high quality fixtures, and to industry standard.

You can rest assured that your frameless shower screen is going to be safe, durable and maintain that premium aesthetic long after it has been installed.

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