Glass Pool Fencing – Safety and Styling Benefits For Your Home

Pool owners across Australia are required by law to have a functional, and safe pool fence to help prevent unsupervised access into the pool area by children. Not only does a pool fence help protect your kids, but can also keep curious pets who have a tendency to get into trouble at bay. However, choosing the right pool fence can make all the difference in not only keeping everyone safe, but also adding style and value to your home overall.

Glass Pool Fencing Safety vs Traditional Fencing

Frameless glass pool fences are extremely difficult to climb over compared to traditional pool fences (like aluminium and steel). This is due to less openings for small feet to be placed, or areas to grab and climb up on, making them a great solution especially for families with young children. Using glass as the primary material also gives you full visibility of your pool and backyard area, ensuring no obstructions, whilst also adding a great sense of space to your home.

How Strong is Frameless Glass Pool Fencing?

All our glass pool fences are made with tempered glass, making them incredibly strong and durable. Perfect for accommodating any knocks and bumps thrown at it, and can also handle dramatic changes in temperature without any effects.

Unmatched Quality Compared to Aluminium and Steel

Glass pool fences are a fantastic hardwearing long term solution for your pool compared to traditional materials like aluminium and steel. This is because they do not rust, or deteriorate overtime due to heat, erosion and general use. Glass also keeps its showroom condition for longer compared to aluminium and steel and is resistant to chlorinated chemicals whilst also acting as a great windbreaker.

How Much Does Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Cost?

The cost of purchasing and installing a frameless glass pool fence will depend on a number of factors including the size and location. We recommended speaking to our experienced team first when looking for quotes. This allows us to provide you with the best advice possible when choosing the right glass pool fence and style for your needs.

Are Glass Pool Fences Easy To Maintain?

Yes, unlike other materials that require specific solutions in order to keep them looking at their best, glass only needs soap and water. As this is also an outdoor item, it is recommended that you aim to clean the glass pool fence every so often.

Looking to Get Started on Your Next Project?

If you are interested in a new frameless glass pool fence and are looking for more information about glass pool fencing in general, please contact our qualified, experienced Frameless Impressions team on 1300 769 993.