Frameless Glass Balustrades in Melbourne

Creating a focal point in your home whether it’s indoors or outdoors creates the feeling of space without having to renovate any areas of your home, while bringing a stylish, functional, and safe barricade to the design of your home.

As we’re aware of, toughened glass is a hardwearing product which is able to withstand all the elements including harsh winds, rain, and continuous exposure to sun/heat, thus making it perfect to add as an additional feature to add to your home, while impressing your guests with its elegance and stylish design finishes.

Our Balustrades

Contemporary and Stylish Design

Both functional and stylish, frameless glass balustrades add a modern feel to the inside or outside of your home, allowing unobstructed views from internal and external staircases, verandas, and balconies. Or if you’re wanting more privacy, Frameless Impressions provide frosted/tinted glass options, allowing for a bit more privacy you’re after without losing the stylish feel and design of your room or home.

Our glass balustrades come in clear and tinted finishes, with the options of handrails to add to the overall look but not compromising the final design.


Safety is always a priority when finalising the design for your home, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to the safety of your family and home. All our glass is produced with toughened glass and compliant with all safety regulations according to Australian Building Codes.

For enquiries and a no obligation quote on our glass balustrades, contact us on 1300 769 993, and one of our professionals will be available to help.

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Types of Frameless Glass Balustrades:

Frameless Glass Balustrade- Mini Core peg

balustrade- minicore peg

Glass is cantilevered on mini stainless steel pegs 1000mm from all finished surfaces (tiles, pavers, decking, planter boxes .etc)


• The Balustrade has no effect on the drainage of water

• Leaves, debris and water simply filter under the glass

• The Balustrade is the last item to be installed reducing the risk of other trades damaging your product during the construction period

Frameless Glass Balustrade – Hidden Base Channel

Balustrade - hidden base channel

Glass is cantilevered from an aluminium base channel set in the decking. All panels are to be a minimum height of 100mm from all finished surfaces (tiles, pavers, decking, and planter boxes .etc). Glass widths vary from 1200mm-2200mm with 20-50mm gaps between panels.

Frameless Glass Balustrade – Glass Anchor

Balustrade - Glass Anchor

For glass anchor balustrades, glass is cantilevered on 50 diameter stainless steel anchors.10,15, 20, 30, 40 or 50mm anchor body lengths are available. All panels are to be a minimum height of 1000mm from all finished surfaces (tiles, pavers, decking, planter boxes .etc)


• Attached to the face of balconies and stairs

• The most versatile balustrade system

• Contemporary stainless steel method

Frameless Glass Balustrade- Thump

Glass Balustrade - Thump

Thump Balustrades are our most premier style of Balustrade, and also one of the most popular- as the finished look is simply stunning!

Designed and developed in Brisbane by Thump Systems, these Balustrades offer a minimalist look that will compliment any balcony or outdoor setting.

Frameless Glass Balustrades – Handrails

frameless glass balustrade - handrail

We have Victoria’s largest range of handrail solutions, including:

• Stainless steel capping

• Architectural stainless steel off stand handrails

• Timber handrails

Frequently asked questions:

What types of glass can you work with for balustrading?
We have 3 main types of balustrade glass to choose from. This includes clear, tinted and starfire. All options are commonly used across residential and commercial properties.
Are glass balustrades ok to use outdoors?
Unlike other materials such as wood or metals, glass is a great option for the outdoors as it does not rust or corrode overtime. All our glass balustrades use either stainless steel or aluminium to keep the balustrade panels in place, which are rust resistant.
Glass balustrades require minimal maintenance in order to keep them looking at their best. Detergent and water should be enough to clean the balustrade in most cases, helping maintain its crisp, clean look.
Glass balustrades can be installed both indoors and outdoors, and are fitted on balconies, decks, terraces, mezzanines and staircases.
Yes. Glass is a sustainable material that is extremely versatile and can be endlessly recycled.
Glass balustrades are extremely durable as they are made with toughened glass, this means they are resistant to knocks and bumps. In very rare cases glass balustrades may crack, however, this would require significant structural pressure to do so.