Frameless Mirrors in Melbourne

Frameless glass mirrors are a great way to liven up any space instantly no matter the room in your house you are renovating. We have a range of mirror sizes and colour options available that seamlessly integrate with your rooms theme and design – livening up each space in an instant. All our frameless glass mirrors can be custom fit and make for a perfect accompaniment alongside any shower screen or glass splashback installation.

Perfect For Any Room Or Space

Frameless mirrors offer both a practical and stylish addition to any spaces that are humid or have changing temperatures such as bathrooms. Compared to wooden or metal mirror frames that corrode, split or even warp over time, frameless mirrors remain in an immaculate condition for years to come. Frameless mirrors also offer a cost effective and impactful solution for brightening up dark spaces such as windowless corridors, and even highlight fun and interesting homely features like tiled walls or art.

Create A Statement To Complete The Look

All our frameless mirrors can be custom cut in a range of sizes, colours and styles. Our mirrors are available in grey, bronze, black and aged glass types, complementing any room, or even acting as its very own statement piece. For example, an oversized mirror can be a great addition to a smaller space, giving the illusion of more space, whilst distributing natural light further.

Our Frameless Mirrors

Hassle Free Maintenance

Our frameless mirrors are easy to clean and maintain, with each mirror able to be washed with warm soapy water and cloth as required. This will ensure your mirror sparkles for longer looking at its showroom best.

Contact Our Experienced Team For More Information

Our team understands the stresses and emotional involvement with any renovation. That’s why we are committed to providing best in class customer service and the best possible glass products on the market.

All our team are highly experienced technicians and are able to provide specialist advice and timely installations for your project. For more information about our range of frameless mirrors, please get in contact with us today for a no obligation quote on 1300 769 993.

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Mirror options

Standard Mirrors


Aside from our main product range of pool fencing, shower and balustrades, we also specialise in the mirror installations for the home. There are 4 main types of mirror available: Grey, Bronze, Black and aged.








Aged Mirrors

Aged mirrors

A unique addition to any home, aged mirror creates a striking antique look and feel that looks brilliant as a feature in any room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you manufacture and install oversized frameless mirrors or just standard size?
We can supply custom mirrors to suit the customer’s requirements and install oversize mirrors (subject to site inspection and accessibility).

Do you offer free quotes?
Of course. Simply fill in the form on our request a quote page, or call our team directly on 1300 769 993, and we will organise a no obligation assessment ASAP.
How long does an installation of a frameless mirror take?
The installation time will be determined by the complexity of the requirements. Generally, installation time can take between 10-14 working days.

Do you provide a warranty?
Yes. At Frameless Impressions all our frameless mirrors are covered by an extended warranty.

Do you use fittings and glass which adhere with Australian Standards?
We provide Australian made mirrors that adheres to the Australian Standards.