Benefits of Frameless Shower Screens

When wanting to update your shower or renovate your bathroom, a frameless shower brings a new modern element to your space. With clean lines and a seamless finish, frameless glass shower screens refresh a tired looking bathroom, increasing the value of your home without breaking the bank!

Frameless shower screen in tiled bathroom

What is a Frameless Shower Screen?

A frameless shower screen is exactly what it sounds like – a glass shower screen that is not held by a frame. However, this doesn’t mean it is a piece of glass floating dangerously in your bathroom, as frameless shower screens are constructed using toughened and tempered glass to withstand the test of time. Without the need of bulky metal fixtures, a frameless shower screen allows clean lines and a luxurious look without going over budget.

Frameless shower screens are also customisable to your space, with different styles such as fix and swing, inline slider, corner hinged and more. Visit our frameless shower screen page to see each style.

Seamless Look at a Great Price

The most recognisable benefit of a frameless shower screen is how it looks in your bathroom. Installing a glass frameless shower screen allows you to transform your tired and crammed looking space into a stylish, modern and spacious bathroom.

With their sleek and clean design, a frameless shower screen allows for more natural light to flow through your space. Not only will this brighten up an otherwise dull room, but that stream of sunshine during the day will have an affect on your mood!

With all these aesthetic benefits, you might wonder how much it will set you back to install a quality frameless shower screen. Luckily, installing a frameless shower screen is much more cost effective than a complete bathroom renovation, whilst still having just as much impact. Let us know what you’ve got in mind, and the Frameless Impressions team can get back to you with a quote on how much your frameless shower screen will cost.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

A key benefit that you’ll experience over time with your frameless shower screen is how easy it is to clean and maintain. Due to its frameless design, there is a reduced chance of soap scum forming on the glass and less chance of long-term rusting. The absence of metal fixtures allows for water to simply rinse away, without getting stuck in any nooks or crannies.

Keeping your frameless shower screen clean is a breeze, but we still recommend wiping down the glass surface regularly and keeping on top of your cleaning routine. This will ensure that your shower screen lasts a lifetime!

Longstanding Durability

With a frameless shower screen, you don’t need to compromise on durability or longevity. Frameless glass shower screens are made from toughened and tempered glass that allows it to not only stand freely, but also ensures it stands the test of time.

Along with this, the precision of a professional team during installation makes sure that your shower screen is set up with the utmost care and durability in mind. Professional installation also ensures that your screen is less likely to experience faults or damages over time.

If you do experience any faults, damages or other imperfections with your shower screen from Frameless Impressions, each glass shower screen is covered by an extended warranty.

Completely Customisable Design

One of the key benefits of a frameless shower screen that you’ll experience is its ability to be completely customised to your space. Whether your bathroom has some tricky dimensions, or you want a unique shower setup, a frameless shower screen allows you to make the design your own.

There are many different configurations and styles of frameless shower screens ranging from fixed panels, to more mobile slider and hinged styles. With this array of shower screen designs and styles, you can make any bathroom look and feel fresh.

Safe and Stylish for your Bathroom

If you’re looking to install a new shower screen, you’ll want to understand the safety of a frameless shower screen. There are very few risks associated with these screens, especially if you choose a reputable company.

Tempered and toughened glass paired with a highly skilled and professional installation team ensures that your frameless shower screen will not only make your bathroom look great, but will be safe for years to come.

The Frameless Impressions expert team makes certain that your shower screen is installed with professional techniques and careful precision, with high quality tempered glass.

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