What to Look for When Buying a Shower Screen

When designing your bathroom, or planning a bathroom renovation, there are many things you need to organise. From the colour of your tiles to the placement of the mirror, there’s a lot to coordinate. One thing that should never be overlooked is your glass shower screen. The style, placement and installation of your shower screen are all integral factors that can ultimately make or break your bathroom’s design. For that reason it’s imperative that you know what to look for when buying a shower screen for your bathroom.

Frameless shower screen in tiled bathroom

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Glass Pool Fencing – Safety and Styling Benefits For Your Home

Pool owners across Australia are required by law to have a functional, and safe pool fence to help prevent unsupervised access into the pool area by children. Not only does a pool fence help protect your kids, but can also keep curious pets who have a tendency to get into trouble at bay. However, choosing the right pool fence can make all the difference in not only keeping everyone safe, but also adding style and value to your home overall.

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Why glass balustrades are the popular choice?

Found in many homes across Australia, glass balustrades are used to support staircases and balconies, and ensure structural safety and security for elevated spaces or outdoor areas. Whilst there are a range of different materials and types of balustrades that can be used, glass balustrades have become one of the most popular materials due to the countless benefits it has for residential properties.

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Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products on your Glass Screens this Summer

With the Summer season on our doorstep, the preparation and planning begin for hosting family and friends and show off your beautiful home, and not just your cooking skills. Along with the preparation and planning, comes the arduous task of cleaning indoors and outdoors, especially the entertainment areas including pool fencing, balustrades, kitchen splashbacks, and shower screens.

The toughest issue with glass screens which we find to be a nuisance, is keeping it clean. However, knowing the correct products that are eco-friendly can not just keep it looking sparkling clean, but have a lasting benefit not only on the environment, but also your health.

Here are 4 benefits of using eco-friendly cleaning products on your glass fencing as opposed to using any other chemical-based glass-cleaner.

Frameless Glass Screens

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