Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products on your Glass Screens this Summer

With the Summer season on our doorstep, the preparation and planning begin for hosting family and friends and show off your beautiful home, and not just your cooking skills. Along with the preparation and planning, comes the arduous task of cleaning indoors and outdoors, especially the entertainment areas including pool fencing, balustrades, kitchen splashbacks, and shower screens.

The toughest issue with glass screens which we find to be a nuisance, is keeping it clean. However, knowing the correct products that are eco-friendly can not just keep it looking sparkling clean, but have a lasting benefit not only on the environment, but also your health.

Here are 4 benefits of using eco-friendly cleaning products on your glass fencing as opposed to using any other chemical-based glass-cleaner.

Frameless Glass Screens

1. Healthy Choice

There are several reasons as to why choosing an eco-friendly glass cleaner will be good for you and your family long-term – with the most important reason being your own wellbeing. The latest products can promise quick results, however they could have a lasting effect on your health, particularly, when cleaning shower screens or when working in confined spaces for a period of time. Therefore, using eco-friendly glass cleaners will not only reduce that risk but will also reduce the risks of itchy skin, eyes and coughing, and potentially developing any health matters more sinister.

2. Safer Household

Keeping glass spotless not only allows for uninterrupted outdoor views for entertainment areas, but more importantly allows you a better opportunity to see when mishaps occur. Clouded glass may obstruct your view of your children and pets playing outside, especially in the pool or BBQ areas, and so imperative to keep your glass spotless.

Eco-friendly cleaning mixture can be made in the comforts of your home without using any nasty chemical-based products, with the end-result not leaving a slimy film or hard-to-remove streak marks like some commercial-strength cleaning products tend to do.

Not only is an eco-friendly cleaning product a better option environmentally, but also safer to use around your children and pets. Put you and your family’s safety first!

3. Environmentally responsible

One of the main benefits of using an eco-friendly glass cleaner is the reduced impact on the environment.

While you may think it’s very minimal impact on the environment, washing your pool fencing with a commercial-strength cleaning product for example, could have a larger impact on the soil content and water table of your outdoor lawn area than you may perceive, as the chemical-based product is washed away and left to drain through the soil.

While this may be one of numerous ways to implement change and your footprint on the environment, switching from a chemical-based product to an eco-friendly product, is just a small step in the right direction to sustaining a healthier and more livable planet.

3. Cost Effective

From vinegar, lemons, baking soda and other affordable products, it’s a simple process to source these ingredients and create your very own sustainable, eco-friendly glass cleaner. Making use of these household goods will not only benefit your wallet and the environment, but does a thorough job while being safe of the skin.

So enjoy your Summer with the peace-of-mind, knowing you and your family have taken the necessary measures for a safer environment and a more attractive view of your entertainment and pool area where you can lounge in the comforts of the indoors or outdoors.

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