Enduroshield for Frameless Glass

The universal truth is that glass will get dirty. You are going to be showering behind the panes and that means it is subject to water, shampoo, soap and various other things. Soap scum is something that can take a quick toll on glass and is very hard to clean. You shouldn’t have to spend considerably longer cleaning glass just because you wanted a stunning look for your bathroom.


The Enduroshield coating is a solution that can be used for all of the glass products that you have on your home. While it is most commonly used on the glass for showers, it can also be used on balconies, outdoor areas, around pools, and anywhere else that you want to make sure the glass stays looking clear and beautiful all the time.



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How can I purchase enduroshield?
Frameless Impressions is a fully qualified applicator or enduroshield products, and we highly recommend this product to all of your customers. if you wish to have enduroshield applied to your glass, you can purchase it along with your glass design and installation.