Inspired by the Olympics? Why not dive into your new pool?

The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio have recently come to a close, with the Australian contingent performing particularly well in the pool. Claiming 3 gold medals is a fantastic effort, even for a team with the lofty expectations and weight of the nation on their broad shoulders.

As is the case with the majority of major sporting events around the world, watching athletes bring home the gold from the comfort of the lounge room, often sparks a fire in the belly, which gets us up off the couch and into a mindset that would inspire our beloved Bruce McAveney to describe as: DELICIOUS!

Despite the fact joining the Aussies in the green and gold for Tokyo 2020 could be a tall order for even the most dedicated swimmers, you can now perfect your backstroke in the comfort of your own backyard with the help of a lap pool, designed just like a racing lane.

A backyard swimming pool is perfect for you if you love the water or are interested in a low-impact workout that delivers outstanding endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. But where should you start before diving head first into a backyard pool project?

Take a look at the latest piece on Houzz, which features the amazing work from Melbourne’s Premier Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Company, Frameless Impressions.

There’s much more than meets the eye when planning your backyard swimming pool. Work out how it fits into your overall lifestyle, how much deck space you really need for all those summer BBQs and family events, and how the style of the pool reflects that of your home itself. Even a small lap pool does not stand in isolation, so think about a matching deck area, maybe an outdoor dining space for some entertaining evenings with friends, and of course, your frameless glass pool fencing, which will be the icing on the cake of your brand new backyard swimming spot.

If you have any questions about to transform your backyard into an enjoyable, entertaining outdoor space, speak with the experts at Frameless Impressions who can guide you on everything from finding the ideal pool contractors, to which fencing options not only support the necessary safety requirements, but also compliments the look and feel of your entire outdoor space.

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