Tiles vs Glass Splashbacks

Splash Backs are one of the features that you can add if you are planning to perform home improvements. It is a feature used in spots close to water, including bathroom, kitchen, laundry and pool. Its main purpose is to protect what is underneath from possible damage. This feature also helps in cleaning a surface or area easier. As a feature, Splash Backs is available in a range of materials and the most common options are glass and tiles. However, what would you choose between these two if you are asked?

If the company is to be asked, they prefer to use glass Splash Backs. Glass Splash Back is considered as an innovative other option for tiles. Back then, the application of the feature is only limited in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry. Currently, however, it is also among those already applied in pool areas. The options associated with this features make it a nice option for an added décor in the pool area.

Glass Splash Backs

One advantage of choosing this is that your imagination is the only limit you have in using it as a décor or a pool fence. It is available in different colors giving you the choice of matching it with your outdoor theme. This Splash Backs material is also a better option if you are after ease of cleaning and hygienic purposes.

It is easy to clean since it does not have any crevices where mold can possibly grow making it easy to maintain as well. This is one of the material’s advantages over tiles. The material is durable and scratch-free. Its clarity enables light to pass through, but effectively blocks the UV light. One thing that can be an issue in the material is its cost, which can be quite expensive.

Tile Splash Backs

It is also available in a range of color and can be partnered with other glass materials. The color and style in which it is available are some of the things that made it a good option. It is also available in different shapes. Its cost is quite an advantage too since there are cheap options and there are the expensive ones. Just be aware though that it is not easy to clean and maintain. It requires complete grouting, which becomes discolored after some time. Thus, it needs regular cleaning to prevent germs from growing.

Reasons Why Splash Backs Are Popular: Tiles vs. Glass Splash Backs

These reasons can be summarized into three aspects:

  1. Cleaning – Grout is common to get wedged with food and oil. It is the main reason why people popularly choose Splash Backs to eliminate the grout lines in the tiles.
  2. Design Options – Splash Backs are in different colors and offer some effects like the mirror effect. Whatever the design or theme of your pool area is, you can guarantee to find the Splash Backs that match with it.
  3. Ease of Installing and Its Cost – Considering cost and the time it takes to install the Splash Backs, you will find that the glass material is a better option. It can be installed in just a couple of hours compared to the stages that need to be performed in the process of tiling.

With this consideration mentioned, it is hoped that you now gained some idea on what to choose between tile and glass Splash Backs.