What types of glass does Frameless Impressions work with?

Are you planning on enhancing the appeal and safety of your pool area? The company can help you with that. The company is among those you can rely on if you are after adding a fence to your pool area, specifically if you decided for it to be glass material. Pool fencing is a beneficial feature if you have kids as well as pets in your place.

Are you decided to install a glass fence in your pool area? The company presents to you three main types of glass they often work with. These are clear, frosted and starfire glass. Each of these offers specific effects.

Clear Glass

As a clear type of glass, it is obvious that is transparent. However, it does not really look that clear since it has that slight tinge of green that you will notice once you take a look at it well. This is what distinguishes a clear glass from a starfire glass. It contains a high proportion of iron oxide, which is noticeable when you look at its edge. This slight green tinge varies. It is more noticeable if the glass is thicker. This green tinge will turn out to be slight different if the glass is back-painted with a lighter color. The appearance of the glass makes it possible for light to pass through it.

Frosted Glass

Do you wish to secure your privacy while you or you and your family are in the pool area? This type of glass is the ideal option for you. It is the main reason why it is also referred to as privacy glass. Frosted glass is also the idea option if you are trying to achieve that icy, cool look. It offers a safe and stylish environment for both you and your family and friends. It can act as a solid barrier in your pool area, ensuring your kids and pet’s safety.

Starfire Glass

This type of glass is the company’s Premium product. It is an optically clear glass with that slight green tinge already removed to provide the exact clear glass. That slight green tinge is no longer present since it only has a low proportion of iron oxide. An advantage to choosing this type of glass is that you get the exact color painted on it. However, darker color would not offer much difference if that is what is chosen to be painted on it.

The company also uses other types of glass for added options. These are:

Splash Backs

An advantage to choosing this type of glass is the range of colors it is available in. It can be painted and imprinted with whatever pictures you like. This glass is also very durable and easy to clean. For cleaning, you only need to do some wiping and you can proceed to doing your other tasks.


This type of glass can is available in a wide range of colors, including black, bronze, and grey mirror. The company is also offering aged mirror. This type of mirror glass offers an artistic flare that appears to be old, which is why it is referred to as aged antique mirrors.

These are glass types of options offered by the company. Feel free to call the company for assistance if you want to install glass fencing in your pool area.