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Frameless Impressions WIN GOLD

We have been lucky enough to strike it rich again winning the SPASA 2014 BEST POOL BARRIER for the 3rd year running. We are very proud of our achievement and I think its safe to say we are Melbourne’s most awarded pool fencing company.

Here’s the awards we took home this year:

pool fence with award

highly fence with award

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Download the top backyard design trends for 2014

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What types of glass does Frameless Impressions work with?

Are you planning on enhancing the appeal and safety of your pool area? The company can help you with that. The company is among those you can rely on if you are after adding a fence to your pool area, specifically if you decided for it to be glass material. Pool fencing is a beneficial feature if you have kids as well as pets in your place.

Are you decided to install a glass fence in your pool area? The company presents to you three main types of glass they often work with. These are clear, frosted and starfire glass. Each of these offers specific effects.

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Tiles vs Glass Splashbacks

Splash Backs are one of the features that you can add if you are planning to perform home improvements. It is a feature used in spots close to water, including bathroom, kitchen, laundry and pool. Its main purpose is to protect what is underneath from possible damage. This feature also helps in cleaning a surface or area easier. As a feature, Splash Backs is available in a range of materials and the most common options are glass and tiles. However, what would you choose between these two if you are asked?

If the company is to be asked, they prefer to use glass Splash Backs. Glass Splash Back is considered as an innovative other option for tiles. Back then, the application of the feature is only limited in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry. Currently, however, it is also among those already applied in pool areas. The options associated with this features make it a nice option for an added d├ęcor in the pool area.

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