The Evolution of Pool Fencing

Home outdoor entertainment has become more prevalent in modern times, with homeowners spending more quality outdoor time with family and friends, and all in the comfort of their own homes. 

For those fortunate enough to own a swimming pool, we’re instantly transported to thoughts of sunshine, hot summers, relaxing weekends, BBQs, family/friends events, and the sound of kids and adults laughing and splashing about. What a great addition to your home!

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Pools and Fencing

Over the history of man-made pools, dating back to the earliest “baths” constructed thousands of years ago for royalty, military exercises, and ancient Games predominantly, generations have witnessed the evolution of these structures especially being introduced into our residential properties for entertainment, exercise, and overall aesthetic of your home (including increasing property value).

Ancient Roman "Bath"

Ancient Roman “Bath”

Like most things, over time the evolution of materials used to build pools has come a long way, from the first instances of tightly packed brick, natural tar and plaster, to the in-ground pools we have today constructed from materials such as concrete, fibreglass, natural stone, and metal. In more modern times, swimming pools can now be customised to the desired shape and size, and over the years there has been the introduction of swimming pool fencing, and in more recent time, the addition of pool fencing regulations too.

Swimming Pool Fencing

Swimming pool fencing has evolved over a much smaller timeframe than that of the swimming pool itself, as it’s become more than just a safety feature, but an aesthetic to beautify your entertainment area. 

Pool fencing has come in a variety of materials over the years, including wooden/timber options through to aluminium, tubular steel, PVC, and glass fencing. 

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Glass pool fencing has become increasingly popular in Australian homes due to the undeniable style and sophistication it adds, but also as it remains compliant with State safety regulations.

Currently, glass is one of the more popular pool fencing options on the market with frameless and semi-frameless options combining both glass and metal materials to ensure sturdiness and longevity. 

Maintenance of pool fencing is dependent on the materials used, with wood and timber options being susceptible to more regular upkeep as these organic materials are exposed to harsh Australian weather conditions. This is likely one of the reasons why pool fencing has evolved with glass as advancements in technology has improved the sturdiness and longevity of the material.

Melbourne Frameless Pool Fencing Services

Curved glass pool fence Melbourne

At Frameless Impressions, our frameless pool fencing comes in a variety of options – glass anchor, stainless minipegs, under deck channels, pre-formed concrete, minipeg decks, and gates – all providing the beauty of an unobstructed view of the water, but more importantly for safety reasons, an unobstructed view of the full pool area for family and friends safety.

Keeping pool users safe 

In 1991 Australia introduced pool fencing laws in order to prevent accidental drownings in private residences, with each State complying to the Australian Standard AS1926-2012, with the exception of the Northern Territory and Queensland (they have slightly different requirements). 

As of 1st December 2019 the Victorian government passed legislation, making it mandatory that swimming pools and spas are registered as an introduction to improve spa and swimming pool safety showing how these man-made features have evolved over time.

Choosing a swimming pool fence can be a stressful decision to make, which is where the knowledgeable staff at Frameless Impressions come in to assist and help make the process as easy as possible. 

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