Why Choose Glass Pool Fencing Over Traditional Fencing

It’s time! You’ve made a decision on the swimming pool you want installed, and you’ve probably been thinking about the safety and security around that space too. We have good news for you – it’s the perfect time to start discussing and planning the selection of your glass pool fencing with the team at Frameless Impressions.

This process can be tricky if you’re trying to undertake the decision-making process by yourself, as there are numerous pool fencing options available, but more importantly you need to ensure that these potential safety fences comply with current Standards and Regulations in Victoria, including the most recent updates to swimming pool and spa legislation.

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Why Glass Pool Fencing is the Correct Choice for you

Glass pool fencing has become increasingly popular because it creates a modern, elegant, sleek, and minimal look, but also provides a great safety barrier and feature of your home.


The flexibility you have as a pool owner allows you to create the space you’ve wanted, and with the final touch being the elegance and modern aesthetic of a glass pool fence. You have the option of a frameless or semi-frameless glass pool fence, which will suit any style of front or backyard, adding that extra touch of style.


With the constant exposure to the outdoor elements, glass pool fencing is one of the tougher materials on the market which is able to withstand the harshness of sun, wind, and rain. It is an extremely durable material which does not deteriorate quickly, especially for properties along the coast where exposure to nature’s elements are that much harsher.


Contrary to what some may think, pool fence safety and maintenance is essential all year round to prevent serious injury and drownings. Glass pool fencing is a low maintenance material and takes less time to keep clean than it would to maintain a fence requiring varnish, polish, or paint, and reduces the ongoing maintenance costs too.  All that is required is a soapy solution, a squeegee, a scratch-free cloth, and a little bit of elbow grease to keep your glass fence looking amazing.

How do I select the correct pool fence?

As perfect as your pool (or future pool) may look with minimal fencing, as of the 1st December 2019, it is mandatory to register with the Victorian Building Authority to improve safety in-and-around swimming pools and spas in Victoria.

New Pool and Spa Registration and Inspection Requirements

*excerpt taken from the Victorian Building Authority (VBA)

According to the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), there are 4 young children who die from residential swimming pool drownings each year, which is why it is imperative to make the correct selection of pool fencing for your family, friends, and even pets.

A brief overview of current legislation by the VBA, requires a pool or spa pool deeper than 300mm of water to have a safety fence installed, which applies to the following:

  • outdoor in-ground pools and spas;
  • outdoor above-ground pools (including inflatable pools);
  • indoor pools and spa pools;
  • children’s paddling and wading pools;
  • spas, jacuzzi, hot tubs and swim spas.

Safety barriers are not required for a:

  • pool and/or spa that contains less than 300 mm of water;
  • bath or spa used for personal hygiene and emptied after use (located in a bathroom or ensuite);
  • fish pond, fountain or birdbath; and
  • water supply, storage tanks or dams.

With all of the above in mind, it’s the perfect time to make your selection of pool fencing.

What is Frameless Pool Fencing?

The main difference between a frameless glass pool fence and a semi frameless one, is that there are no stainless steel or aluminium powder-coated posts inbetween each glass pane, but instead each sturdy, robust panel is fixed in place by spigots. These spigots are either secured into the surface of the pool or cemented directly into the ground, providing a secure and stylish pool area.

A fully frameless pool fence is a great stylish option which also provides better visibility, and has an easier installation process, which could save you time on the installation cost too.

Award Winning Channel Pool Fence

Stainless Steel Mini Peg Style Frameless Pool Fence

Mini Peg Style Frameless Pool Fence

What are the options of Pool Fencing?

Modern-day swimming pools and spa designs take into account the size of your backyard and the best way to utilise the space amongst other things, and pool fencing can range from solid walls to frameless glass, giving you a wide range of materials to choose from.

Glass Anchor

A glass anchor is perfect for your back porch, deck, loft or even on a rooftop. It can be used to divide the space effectively without damaging the overall aesthetics of the space where it is being installed. The beauty of installing a glass anchored pool fence is that it’s strength and durability allows it to be attached to a wall, deck or even a planter box, providing you with incredible opportunities to decorate the space.

Stainless Minipeg

The steel minipeg is our most popular method for frameless fencing as it can be applied to so many different surfaces just like the Glass Anchor option. It provides the enclosure with an uninterrupted view due to elegant glass panels in place. Whether you line the area surrounding a pool, a patio, a rooftop patio or any other area, the stainless steel mini peg system can be utilised. 

Underdeck Channel

Clean lines and an elegant design are the primary characteristics of this underdeck-mounted channel fence. Since all of the mounting is found beneath the deck, you are able to hide the hardware from plain view. There is the option of placing a door/gate along the wall as well so that you have a way of entering and exiting to the other side.

Pre-formed Concrete

Pre-formed concrete is an elegant and stylish design that can be used around your pool, garden, or any other concrete slab where you spend a lot of your time. The design goes all the way to the ground since the panels are inserted into a groove within the concrete.

Minipeg Deck

The Minipeg decking pool fence is one of our most popular solutions for pool decks. The key feature of the fence is the gap that exists between the deck and the bottom of the glass panel. The benefit is that it has no effect on the drainage of water. If it rains or there are leaves and debris, they will simply blow under the fence. This ensures that your deck looks its best at all times.

Choosing a swimming pool fence can be a stressful decision to make, which is where the knowledgeable staff at Frameless Impressions come in to assist and help make the process as easy as possible. 

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